Keep calm and carry on
Top tips for keeping calm during Clearing: Smile it’s clinically proven to boost positivity Exercise and get those endorphins flowing Pull power poses in the mirror.
Don’t laugh, it works! Treat yourself Go on, you deserve it Listen to your favourite song and chillax
Research your course A little bit of preparation goes a long way. Make a list of your favourite subjects, go on the UCAS website and take a note of the available courses. Shop around, call up universities and get advice from your teachers. And remember, courses that sound the same can be very different so be thorough in your research.
Think about your results and analyse your options Check courses on the UCAS website Click here Take a look at the websites of universities that interest you Speak to university admissions advisors Visit
universities to
get a feel for
the campus
Don’t let results time and Clearing stress you out. Use the tips and tools in our survival guide to breeze your way to uni. #YouCanWithClearing Results time and clearing can get emotional, but try not to stress. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize. You can do this!
Weigh up your options After you’ve researched courses it’s time to consider the bigger picture. Like where do you want to live for
the next 3 years? Student life isn’t just studying. Think about the campus, sports facilities, societies and support services on offer too. You might have to compromise on your original idea, so make sure you know your priorities and have a backup plan.
Dealing with your parents Your family will want to help but sometimes they just make things worse. Stay in charge by getting them to research courses or write down the pros and cons of your favourite universities. You’re making a big decision so it’s wise to listen to their advice, but remember it’s ultimately your choice. Get them on board by watching this video.
Making the call As soon as you have your results you can call up universities to apply. Be prepared – some will ask you questions. Have a glass of water ready and make sure you’re in a quiet space with good phone reception. Make yourself feel like a superhero with our keep calm tips above and get ready to nail the call.
Information you need:
Personal data
(e.g. date of birth, address) Your results if you have them Your personal UCAS number UCAS course details A list of any questions you have
Accommodation When choosing your university and course, you also have to consider how you want to live while at uni. Are you going to
stay at home, live with friends in private accommodation or stay in halls? Click here to see the accommodation options available to students at Middlesex University. Make sure you check out our brand new halls in Wembley.