Our future
Our vision is to become a leading university of choice, recognised the world over for our outstanding contribution to teaching, learning and research.
We’ll continue to compete on an international stage, drawing ambitious, talented students and high-performing, inspirational staff from across the globe. How do we do it? By enhancing student achievement and satisfaction, while strengthening our leadership and staff performance. Here, we outline our strategy up to 2017 – complete with objectives and measures of success – which demonstrates our unwavering focus on academic excellence and improving the economic, cultural and social well-being of the societies we live and work in.
  • + Our vision
    To become a leading university of choice, recognised internationally for excellence in all that we do
  • + Strategic priorities
    - Enhancing student achievement and satisfaction - Strengthening leadership and staff performance
  • + Our distinctive strengths
    - Teaching and learning framework - International reach and expertise
  • + Organisational development
    - Developing our people - Efficient tools and processes - Developing our environment - Achieving financial stability - Corporate responsibility and sustainability
  • + Our values
    - Striving for excellence - Putting students first - Promoting diversity and inclusiveness - Freedom of academic enquiry - Professionalism
  • + Stakeholder expectations
    Students, staff, alumni, partners and funders expect an excellent experience from a leading university with an excellent reputation